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Toyota Auris 2017 Review

Let’s take a good look at Toyota Auris 2017. It is a five-door family hatchback that competes with other rivals such as Nissan Pulsar, Ford Focus, and Volkswagen Golf. The new Toyota Auris is available with a wide range of diesel and petrol engines. The most popular options are the 1.6 liter diesel and the 1.1 liter turbocharged petrol. These options give the best blend of fuel economy and performance. The styling of the new Auris is one of the best things that buyers will love. The style looks more modern than its predecessor.

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Trim Levels

It is a reliable and practical family car that offers lots of features. Thanks to its low running cost, it is one of the best family cars for stress-free driving. There are some trim levels available. Buyers can choose Business Edition, Active, Design and Excel. The Business Edition offers a good mix of affordability and standard equipment. The Icon comes with some cool features such as a seven-inch infotainment system, a reversing camera, and DAB digital audio.

Engines, Drive, and Performance

The basic choice, 1.33 liter petrol can offer 0 to 62mph in 10 seconds. The next engine is the 1.4-liter diesel which is quicker than the basic 1.33 liter petrol. However, this option feels slower as it can only take 12.5 seconds to get from o to 62 mph. A better choice is the 1.6 liter diesel which offers 0 to 62mph in 10.5 seconds. Buyers can also consider the hybrid engine which takes 10.9 seconds to get from 0 to 62mph.

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Interior and Comfort

It goes without saying that the interior of Toyota Auris 2017 looks modern. The new model comes with a steering wheel which can be adjusted. The interior is more memorable than the exterior. The Auris Active is the most basic model offered by Toyota Auris 2017. The basic model comes with some features such as bright LED daytime running lights, automatic air-conditioning, heated door mirrors, and hill start assist. The Auris Icon comes with some features such as Bluetooth phone connection, a rear-view parking camera, and the touch screen infotainment system. If you want more features, then you must choose other trim levels such as The Business Edition and Design. They come with some luxury features such as the new design of 17-inch alloy wheels, rear privacy glass, and cruise control.

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Practicality and Boot Space

There is one aspect that makes Toyota Auris 2017 stands out from the crowd. Thanks to its flat floor, the use of the flat floor can ensure that there is no transmission tunnel to eat into foot space. Note that there is a lot of space available in the front seats for tall adults. This new model also comes with some accessories such as door pockets, a large glovebox, big cup-holders, and a useful additional storage area. Considering all of these features, there is no doubt that Toyota Auris 2017 is one of the best family cars that you can consider if you need a new family car in 2017.

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