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Honda Dio New Model 2017 Review

Honda Dio new model 2017 comes with some changes which make it better than its predecessor. The new version looks sporty, stylish, and funky. It is a scooter that is light and easy to ride. We can say that the new Honda Dio is a very good unisex scooter.

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As we have said earlier that the new Honda Dio looks funky and stylish. Note that the looks of the new model has not been completely changed. However, there are some updates available. For example, the new version comes with a nice LED strip which makes the new model look more stylish and modern. Honda has decided that they keep the bulky headlamp.

Now let’s take a good look at the side profile. You may notice that the side profile remains the same. It seems that Honda has not made any major changes. The taillight looks better now. There are some colors available such as vibrant orange, Pearl Sports, Sports Red, and Matte Axis Gray. Since the new model gets a new funky sticker job, there is no doubt that it looks spunky.

Practicality and Ergonomics

Practicality is the most important factor that we should check when buying a scooter. A good scooter should provide storage space for buying vegetables or groceries. Considering this factor, it is easy to say that the new Honda Dio new model 2017 is a very practical scooter. The new model comes with a hook under the seat for a grocery bag or handbag.

There is enough space available under the seat, thus you can keep your helmet. It also comes with a small grab rail which is located on the side. It can be used to hang bags. What we like the most is that the new model is easy to maneuver inside the city. Since it is light, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that men and women won’t find any difficulties when using the new Honda Dio.

Engine and Specifications

Now let’s see the engines and specifications offered by the new Honda Dio. It is powered by a 109cc engine which can produce a maximum power of 8BHP. The new engine is mated to a V-Matic transmission. It feels smooth to ride, but there is a bit of throttle lag.  It comes with a fuel tank capacity of 5.3 liters.

Braking and Suspensions

Another factor that we must check when buying a scooter is its brakes. The new Dio has brakes that offer a decent amount of stopping power. In fact, it gets 130mm drum brakes for both rear and front wheels. The suspension does a great job when it is used to absorb the potholes in the city roads.


  • The new model is offered at a very competitive price
  • It comes with some changes for the design
  • A smooth engine
  • It has a fuel tank capacity of 5.3 liters


  • Note that it doesn’t come with the optional front disc brake

To conclude, Honda Dio new model 2017 has some updates which make it better than its previous model.

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